What vegetables are growing at the farm? / 農場裡種了什麼蔬菜?

Our goal is to make more widely available the vegetables and herbs that are especially cherished by many Asian-American families in the Hudson Valley.  Because we are currently focused on crops that we are familiar with growing (and enjoy eating), the majority of our offerings reflect the traditions of various East Asian cuisines, along with many varieties of vegetables, culinary herbs and medicinal herbs that are used in South and Southeast Asian cooking.  Below are some examples of the fresh, sustainably grown and local vegetables & herbs that members will enjoy! / 我們的目標是更廣泛地提供哈德遜山谷許多亞裔美國家庭珍愛的蔬菜和香菜類。 因為我們目前專注於熟悉(和歡喜享用)的作物,我們的大部分產品都反映了東南亞美食傳統使用的各種蔬菜、香菜類和藥材。以下是一些會員喜歡的新鮮,可持續種植的當地蔬菜和香菜類的例子!

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Luffa squash – 南瓜          Amaranth – 莧菜          Scallions -香蔥        Taiwanese basil –九層塔

Bitter melon – 苦瓜          Winter melon – 冬瓜         Daikon –白蘿蔔

Chrysanthemum greens –(小葉)茼蒿     Yard long bean –長豆     Tomatoes –  番茄

Sweet potato leaves – 地瓜葉                 Japanese eggplant – 亞洲茄子

Pea shoots -豌豆芽      Snow peas – 荷蘭豆

Herbs from different Asian culinary and medicinal traditions – 來自許多亞洲烹飪傳統的香菜和草藥

And much more! 還有很多!

If you have any questions or comments you’d like to share, please don’t hesitate to contact farmers Katherine and Abe at AsianVegetableCSA@gmail.com, or 917-830-5238 / 如果您有任何問題或意見要與我們分享,請不要猶豫與AsianVegetableCSA@gmail.com或917-830-5238聯繫農民Katherine Chiu (邱佳玲) & Abe Young (楊立心)

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