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Healthy bannerHow are your Farm Share vegetables grown?

We use practices that have higher standards than “organic,” in order to be healthy and sustainable for our bodies and for the earth. Unlike many organic farms, we don’t use plastic mulch or commercial synthetic pesticides/fungicides, and we farm with zero tilling of the soil (“no-till”) in order to preserve the vibrant ecosystem that lives within the soil and supports healthy plant growth.


我們使用比“有機”更高標準的做法,以利我們的身體健康和地球的永續發展。 與大多數有機農場不同,我們不使用塑料覆蓋物或商業合成殺蟲劑/殺菌劑,我們耕種的方式是零翻土,以保護生活在土壤中的生態系統,並支持健康的植物生長。

Why is this better than a grocery store?

When you can find Asian vegetables in a supermarket, the varieties you will find have been bred to be able to withstand being shipped from hundreds of miles away. They are often picked under-ripe so that they will not spoil by the time they reach their destination. Flavor is not a priority ☹… The Farm Share vegetables we provide are grown locally and harvested for you, right before you pick them up each week. We grow varieties that have been developed for their delicious flavor, and we harvest them when they are perfectly ripe. You also don’t need to wonder whether your vegetables were sprayed or if they are GMO varieties—they won’t be! ☺


當你在超市裡找到亞洲蔬菜時,你會發現這些品種已經能承受從數百英里遠的地方運送了。 他們經常不成熟就被挑選,以便他們到達目的地時不會變壞。 風味不是重點 ☹..。 我們提供的農場份額蔬菜在當地種植,並在您每週接獲之前為您收穫。 我們種植因其美味而開發的品種,我們在完美成熟時收穫它們。 你也不需要懷疑你的蔬菜是否噴灑過,或者它們是否是轉基因品種 – 它們不會!☺

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